Monica E. Smith

Monica E. Smith

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day to My Father, the Original Music Man...

Dear Daddy,

I cannot believe it has been 43 years since I last saw you. I love you always, thank you for guiding me in life and faith, I remember still...

Viola d'amore
  (for my father)

His violin rests against a wall
still, lifeless as the skillful hand
that once plucked from it
life's poignant melodies

Shrouded in blackest velvet,
it now pays silent homage
to the man whose life was music—
whose music was life itself

It's undying melody echoes yet
in the deepest chambers of my heart,
and resonates with a love
that death cannot mute

Unfinished Symphony

I hear the music
Long after you have gone,

Though it plays softer, sadder
Than when we were together.

The melody you have written
Echoes far and wide.
It cannot be silenced
By reason of time and distance,
Nor will it ever draw to a close.

Rather, your song will endure
Unfinished unto eternity,
Where we will meet once again

To chant the melody of unity. 


September was cold that year.
As I stood in sorrow
and bid you a silent adieu,
my tears became a stinging reminder
you would not rise with the sun
from this night's slumber.

And in my grief my heart ached
at the thought of you lying still,

How unlike you.
The single red rose was clutched
tightly in my hand and I kissed it
before tossing it gently to where you lay.

The clouds became dark,
and the autumn winds blew stronger
drying any remaining trace of tears.
As I turned and walked away, I thought
How cold September is this year.

I Thought You Long Dead

I thought you long dead
Until I heard your laughter
Among our voices
As we remembered when

I thought you no longer here
Until I saw you
In my mind’s eye

I thought you could no longer touch me
Until your image
Warmed my heart

I thought once more
And felt the life still within you
The unmistakable nearness of your spirit
Your gentle reminder
You would always be with me

Peace, and Happy Father's Day to all fathers, especially my sons, Aaron and Nathanael and my nephew, Adam. To my brother, Dennis. To my brother-in-law, John, to my cousin, Viktor, to all fathers in my family. And Happy Father's Day to my husband, Scott, an unequaled model of faith in God and love of family for my children, who are certainly blessed by God for having the perfect father.


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