Monica E. Smith

Monica E. Smith

Friday, October 19, 2012


 Video Music Selection: "Through the Dark", by Helen Jane Long

Today I set out on a walk through Logan County Ohio. I was armed with a camera, Helen Jane Long on the ipod, hot tears and cold raindrops, and a few prayers: Of thanksgiving for what had been, joy for the life I now live, and petition for what I hope my life to become.

I am in that proverbial "autumn of my life"; and sometimes the way becomes cold, frightening, confusing and unclear. Or, perhaps it is just hidden by all the tumult in the world.

But not today. Today I could see clearly, right through the low, dark clouds of this October sky. Today, I wasn't cold but rejuvenated by the day's coolness and the refreshing rain upon my face. Today, I could see and hear the beauty in the world I sometimes miss. Today, I was alone, but I was not abandoned. Today, I was not confused about which road to take. Today, I knew just where I was going, and with whom.
I share with you some of the beauty of today's images. God bless all, and be with you this day.