Monica E. Smith

Monica E. Smith

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Lip Service

The question is, are all the toasts we make,  promises we utter, the resolutions we list year after year after year simply pretty words? Is it just the scripted thing to do because we've always done it, because this is what one does on New Year's Eve? Do our vows simply fall from our mouths like confetti to decorate our New Year celebrations, or rise in the night air, only to burst when the clock strikes midnight? I think the power of a truly new, joyful, prosperous and meaningful future lies in contrition for past misdeeds and the desire and heart, wisdom, spirit, truth and determination with which we speak these words. Anything less is simply lip service.      

           Lip Service
(Thoughts upon a New Year's Eve)

After all is said and done
And the last toast is uttered,
After the final resolution
We are no better, no worse than before
This ceremonious passing of time
Stubbornly entrenched in old ways,
We cheer on the new
While our hearts remain unchanged,
Our minds unyielding,
Our souls secluded
In prisons of self-complacency.
And together we go our separate ways
With cups raised high in celebration,
Looking toward a new mediocrity.

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