Monica E. Smith

Monica E. Smith

Friday, February 20, 2009

Life with a Jack-a-Bee

Excerpt from Dog-matized: The Comical Truth of Life with a Jack-a-Bee
(available from blurb)

Bernie does not like baths. On one particular occasion I attempted this apparently insulting activity and she was nowhere to be found...I finally found her under our bed, flat as a pancakeas if that would make her invisible—holding on to the floor with her claws like she was going to fall off.

There would be no bath that day. I did not want to traumatize her further, softy that I am. I may be soft, but I am getting smarter. She seems to be able to differentiate whether I'm taking a shower or it's time for her bath, so I do not turn on the water until I have her safely in hand and in the bathroom...I then close the door so she cannot escape and proceed with the bath. Hey, it works. Although, I almost feel guilty when I see her standing there shivering in the tub, ears drooping, big eyes looking at me like I have just tortured her. Almost.

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